What is Explore 4? 

The Four Pillars of the
Catholic Faith


"Explore Four" is an approach to faith formation focused on forming ourselves and our children in the Catholic faith by full participation in the life of the parish.  This holistic approach to faith formation came from an intense study and reflection by our Faith Formation Board and Staff of documents written by our U.S. Catholic Bishops. The Parish is the Curriculum! Please see our Reflection Explanation below for a full description/explanation of this parish life focus.

Our Explore Four program won the New Wineskins National Award in 2014.  Explore Four includes faith opportunities intended to help us explore and grow in our faith.  Choose from any number of parish activities offered.  Each family is expected to participate in a minimum of four different events.  Complete an Explore Four of the Parish Reflection form for each event.  Turn in the completed form at the Faith Formation Office, at FLF sessions, or mail to St. Jude Faith Formaion office.  Look at the monthly Faith Formation Newsletters and Parent packets for more details concerning the dates of upcoming Explore Four activities.  

 The Four Pillars:


we believe in both Scripture and Tradition,
we see what it is the Church professes. 


we worship 
Sacraments give us a sample of God's love and mercy.


we pray
Prayer and Christian Life are inseparable.


we live it!  How we live what we believe

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Four Family Reflection Explanation