An Extraordinary YAlpha/YDisciple Night

Wednesday Nights
starting at 7:00 pm,
closing at 8:45 pm

(if you’d like to take part in this program as a parent, teen, or young leader sign up below. If Wednesdays at 7:00 doesn’t work, indicate that on the sign up and we will find another way to get you plugged in)

The 4 key ingredients to the ideal YAlpha/YDisciple night are:

1. Fun  - We want teens to have a great time while at YAlpha/YDisciple so expect some great games we will play & do what we can to make our course THE place to be. 

2. Food - The emphasis is always on the fellowship and building friendships so while being together and sharing is enough - we want them to be fed in body too! 

3. Short talk or Sprinkled talk starter sessions - This will be a 10-15 minutes presentation... sometimes it’ll be the teens themselves presenting, other times quick recorded sessions. 

4. Small groups - Where we give our young people an opportunity to begin to ask those difficult questions, to explore what the talk meant to them in a safe and non-judgmental environment. 

Very exciting times. 

A typical evening session looks like this: 

7:00pm People arrive, food/drinks, snacks served, time to chat 

7:10pm Group Challenge and Prayer 7:20pm Introduction to session from leader 

7:50pm Talk/training material presentation 

8:25pm Small group closing 8:30pm Closing Prayer Session ends 

8:40pm Chill & Chat


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