Scheduling a Service at St. Jude

Soon after the loss of a loved one, please contact the parish office at 815-485-8049 to let us know that you will need to schedule funeral arrangements.  The Funeral Home Director will help to coordinate the scheduling of services at the Church, Funeral Home and the Cemetery.  


Most of the time, the funeral rites will include a Catholic Mass, in which we affirm the presence and gift of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, a sign of our unity of faith and a promise of the heavenly banquet we hope to enjoy with Him forever.  The body may or may not be present for the Mass.  If present, the ceremony begins at the entrance to the church with ceremonies that recall our Baptism because the deceased is entering a “new life” of faith just as he or she did at Baptism.  The casket is blessed with Holy Water and then covered with a large white baptismal cloth.  After processing down the aisle, the pall bearers and family take their place in the pews and the Funeral Mass continues.

RITE OF COMMITTAL (Cemetery Service)

The final part of the funeral liturgy occurs at the cemetery.  A priest, deacon or funeral director leads a brief prayer to help those who are mourning leave their loved one in the hands of God.


The Church teaches that the cremated remains of a body should be treated with the same respect given to the corporeal remains of a human body.  Permission has been granted by the Catholic Church for the celebration of a Funeral Mass with the cremated remains of the body present in church.  The Church prefers that the cremated remains of the deceased be buried rather than scattered or kept in the home of a relative or friend of the deceased.  Most Catholic cemeteries have grave space for cremated remains of the body.  This allows for family visitation, prayer and remembrance in a sacred and dignified place.  The Funeral Home Director can assist you in making the arrangements.

Music Selections for Funerals

Death Notices