We know college is going to be an exciting and busy time for you.  We know adjusting to campus life can be overwhelming at times. 

We at St. Jude would like to help make this transition a positive experience by connecting you to the Catholic Campus ministry of your chosen college. 

For all students and parents who are interested in universities in Illinois that have a campus ministry or a Newman Center on their campuses, the links below should be helpful to you.

St. John's Catholic Newman Center at the University of Illinois | HomePage

EIU Newman Catholic Center

SIUC Newman Catholic Student Center

Newman Catholic Student Center @ NIU

Sheil Catholic Center at Northwestern Illinois University

The John Paul II Newman Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago

St. John Paul II Newman Center at Illinois State University

Catholic Newman Student Union at SIU Edwardsville

Campus Ministry Loyola University

University Ministry | Catholic Community DePaul University

Campus Ministry at the University of Saint Francis

Lewis University - University Ministry at Lewis University

Xavier University - The Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice

The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College

Catholic Liturgical Calendar on iCalShare


If you would like to see your (or your student's) campus ministry listed on this page, please send us the link.