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An urgent message from Fr. Don:

I have been speaking at all the Masses to tell the parish that our Sunday collections are down significantly this fiscal year. For July, August, and September, we have been down $4000 each month. If this pace remains the same, we will be down $48,000 this year on collections alone. We are assuming the reason for this decrease in our collections is that situations in some of our neighboring parishes have changed, and people are returning to their home parishes. Added to this situation, we know that our electric rate, which we are locked into, has been increased $1000 per month over what we have budgeted.This is another $12,000 that we will be short.

To stop the 'bleeding', I have asked you to consider giving an additional dollar or two in your weekly donation. I promise to tighten our belts on spending. Our needs will be met, and our wants will be put on hold. I have already put a hold on our, "Planning for the Future."  We don't know what the rest of this fiscal year will bring, but we will meet the challenges prudently and responsibly. We will work together, and with GOD'S HELP, we will continue to enjoy our GREAT PARISH.
                                            In Christ,
                                            Fr. Don


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    Growing in Faith

    This weekend, November 22/23 we celebrate the Solemnity of “Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe” formerly referred to as the Solemnity of “Christ the King.”  Here is how Fr. Robert Barron describes the kingship of Jesus, “He reigns not from a pompous throne, but from an instrument of torture:  he wears not a gaudy crown of gold, but a bloody crown of thorns; he issues not peremptory commands, but words of promise: ‘This day you will be with me in paradise.’  Don’t be afraid utterly to submit every aspect of your life to this king, for his power empowers you and his command liberates you.”

    Next weekend, November 29/30, is the beginning of a new Church year and beginning of the liturgical season of Advent.  But what exactly is Advent and why is it important for our lives as Catholic Christians?  The following are two videos that may help our understanding:

    Click here for “Advent in 2 Minutes”
    by Busted Halo

    Click here for "The Spirituality of Advent”
    by Fr. Robert Barron

     Archive of previous videos 


    Father Robert Barron is the founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, the Rector of Mundelein Seminary, and the host of CATHOLICISM, a groundbreaking, award winning documentary about the Catholic Faith. Fr. Barron's homilies for each weekend's Scripture readings will be posted In the "Latest Audio Messages" section to the right. 

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