Families Living Faith



In these sessions students are introduced to a new unit of study by catechists in age-appropriate classrooms. At the same time, parents participate in exploring these same concepts through adult presentations and small and large group discussions.
Parents then teach the next two chapters of the unit at home and children complete the unit review before the next class.
In the past we have had speakers from our own parish as well as visiting speakers. Some months, parents are exposed to the latest research about kids at various ages and stages; other months, parents are given ideas about how to unpack the lessons of the current unit using various resources, including media and technology.


Families meet once a month to explore the units.
Families are also expected to Explore Four (or more) life of the parish events that support faith formation in the areas of Creed, Sacraments/Worship, Christian prayer, Christian living.
Sacramental Preparation also counts toward Explore Four.
Families are expected to complete and turn in four or more reflection forms each year.
In addition, Mass reflections are expected to be turned in monthly.
Families are encouraged to participate in the Families Living the Gospel Challenge.


Each month parents and children arrive at St. Jude Gym no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the beginning of their assigned session.
Sunday FLF may park in any lot and enter the school through the north or west entrances; weeknight FLF are asked to park in the west lot and enter through the West Franciscan Hall doors.
Once in the gym, parents sit at the round tables, while children sit according to grade level and catechist on the bleachers.
Children should bring a pencil and a folder to each session. Textbooks will be provided by the catechist on the first day of class.
We will begin each session with an introduction and opening prayer in the gym, and then catechists will lead students to their age-appropriate classroom for grade level instruction. Adults will remain in the gym for the adult session.
At the end of the adult session, parents will be dismissed to the classrooms to pick up their children.
Those who have registered for the Nanny Ministry may bring children to the Nanny Room (FH 1& 2) before the Families Living Faith session begins. Please drop children ages 3-5 off no earlier than 10 minutes before the session begins.

Family Handbook:
• On the first day of class, long tables will align the north wall of the gym. Go to the table that corresponds to your last name and pick up your Family
Handbook. Your children's room numbers and catechists' names will appear on the front of the Family Handbook. Once you receive room numbers and catechists' names, please send your children to the appropriate area on the bleachers and find a seat at one of the round tables. Parents please keep the family handbook with you in the gym.


Families Living Faith will be offered at the following times throughout the month. Families sign up for a session time and attend that session time throughout the year. Registrations will be accepted in the order they are received.

Day/Session                          Time of Day                      Registration Code
FLF Sunday A 10:15am         10:15-11:45am                 FLF Sun A

FLF Sunday B 10:15am         10:15-11:45am                 FLF Sun B

FLF Tuesday A 5:30pm            5:30- 7:00pm                 FLF Tues A

FLF Tuesday B 6:00pm            6:00- 7:30pm                 FLF Tues B            

FLF Wednesday A 5:30pm       5:30- 7:00pm                 FLF Wed A

FLF Wednesday B 6:00pm       6:00- 7:30pm                 FLF Wed B