Sunday School  

Age 3 through Kindergarten

Coordinator for 2019-2020 - Sarah Gibbons -   

The Sunday Pre-School/Kindergarten Program serves children from age 3 through Kindergarten, offering an introduction to the Catholic Faith through fun lessons including Bible stories, music, crafts and prayer. 

They will become familiar with Bible stories and will be introduced to God's unconditional love for us.

Sunday School takes place during the 9am Mass on scheduled days. 

Procedures for Class Sessions:

Parents will bring their Sunday School child to 14 class sessions from September to April.

Children may be dropped off to their assigned Sunday-School classroom between 8:50am and 9:00am.  

Sunday-School families are permitted to park in any lot and enter the school through the north or west entrances.

Catechists will provide all necessary materials for the children, therefore we ask children not to bring anything to class with them.  

We ask parents to pick up their children at their classrooms immediately following the 9am Mass.