St. Jude continues the impacting MENTORING approach to journey with teens in high school and junior high to grow in relationships with Jesus and others. All teens are welcome to sign up to join a qualified, friendly, and faith-filled mentor and a small group of students in their grade for consistent gatherings.  Please sign up by September 1 by filling out the registration forms and submitting a student survey so we can accommodate everyone!  Awesome adults (ages 18-98) are needed to be trained as mentors.  Mentors will be massively supported with on-going training and resources to maximize their impact.    Click here for details or to express interest in helping.


Mark your calendar & invite your friends and family for the 2nd Sunday of every month at 6:30 pm for an engaging & welcoming Teen Mass!  Everyone is invited and will be empowered to grow as present-day disciples of Jesus!  Teens are needed to be trained as greeters, readers, Eucharistic Ministers and to help with music.  Adults are needed to co-coordinate and help remind and invite our students!  
Click here for details or to express interest in helping.  

Youth ministry invites teens and families to participate in fun and impacting service opportunities each month!  We need adults to help organize and implement various events.  You can sign up for whichever projects suit your interests and schedule!  
Click here for the convenient and customized St. Jude Faith Formation App to give your teen and family access to relevant, inspiring, and thought-provoking content each month!  Small groups stay connected through the app’s group chat feature (which is transparent for staff and parents).  The St. Jude Faith Formation App is free and compatible all smart phones, tablets and computers.  Click here to download the app!
If you have any questions or would like to connect with us,
call or email Jen Lebhardt 815-463-4266