Alive In Christ Unit 1 eAssessment Link

Families Living Faith (FLF) Due Date: By your October session

Families Called to Table (FCT) Due Date: By October 28th 

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Children in FLF or FCT can complete the eAssessment here or the unit review found in their textbook.  Families do not have to do both.

If completing the unit review in the textbook, children enrolled in FLF will have their textbook unit reviews checked in at their session by their catechist. 
FCT families completing the unit review in their textbook should label each page with their child's name and grade.  Take pictures or scan the completed textbook unit review pages and email them to Berni Kacor at  .

Please contact the Faith Formation Office with any questions.

Unit 1, Grade 1 
Unit 1, Grade 2 
Unit 1, Grade 3 
Unit 1, Grade 4 
Unit 1, Grade 5
Unit 1, Grade 6