Learning and Living Our Faith - St. Jude Catholic School is the educational foundation of our community inspired by the Augustinian values of truth, unity and love.  We provide a safe, faith-based education that is rooted in the mission of Jesus Christ.  


It is the philosophy of St. Jude School to recognize the parents as the primary educators of their children. Therefore, it is with the active involvement of our parents that together we empower our  students to reach their fullest potential by witnessing the core values of Unity, Truth and Love.

  • Unity: United in  mind and heart we respond to the invitation of faith.
  • Truth: To know Jesus in mind, body and spirit through the pursuit of academic excellence.
  • Love: To respond to Jesus' call that we live a life of love.


The school curriculum is approved by the Diocese of Joliet's Catholic Schools Office and follows the Illinois State Standards . All textbook and source materials are approved by the Diocesan Schools Office and meet or exceed the same requirements in all Illinois public schools. Individual needs, basic skills and positive self-images are the major goals of the curriculum.