Why St. Jude School?

What are the benefits to attending a Catholic school?  In addition to the academic excellence, in Catholic schools and at St. Jude in particular, we pride ourselves on preparing the whole person, academically, emotionally and spiritually.  Our students live their faith each and every day.

Catholic School is the whole package.  Academically, our student performance is consistently at the top. We are able to provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of each individual student. Our students are thoroughly prepared for the academic rigor they will encounter in high school, while also setting them on the lifelong path of faith and servant leadership.

History of St. Jude School

In 1948 the 18 year old  'mission church'  of St. Jude began construction on a new church and school building . The new site on Second Avenue in New Lenox was chosen. In 1948, St. Jude parish paid $25,000 to the Bishop of Chicago for construction of the new school.  Due to several difficulties the school was not ready for occupancy until 1950.  The building was originally designed with a temporary roof to allow for expansion.  On April 16, 1950 the new school building was officially opened with a Mass of Thanksgiving. The total cost of the building with consisted of a large hall and five classrooms was $89,000.  In August, 1950, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary from Tucson, Arizona agreed to staff the school.  The sisters taught eight grades in three classrooms with an enrollment of 85 students.  September 6, 1950 was the opening day of school, a day which realized the hopes and prayers of many Catholic families to have a parochial school in their own town for their children.  One more sister from Tucson came to teach in the school in 1951 and a school bus was purchased.  The first St. Jude graduating class of 1951 had 3 students.  In 1958 due to the growth of the parish an new church was built.  The school building was remodeled and painted, changing the area formerly occupied by pews into three classrooms.  The renovation into an eight room school was completed by September 1958 at a cost of $10,000.  In March of 1970, Mother Julian transferred out the last of the teaching sisters and the school has continued to be staffed by lay teachers.  

In 1993 the St. Jude said goodbye to the Franciscan priests that had shepherded the parish for 59 years, and welcomed the Augustinians. Through the guidance of the Augustinians and their principals of Truth, Unity and Charity St. Jude School continues to provide a faith based education to the elementary school aged children of St. Jude Parish. 

from: the 75th Anniversary History of the Catholic Community of St. Jude