We, at the St. Jude Parish School community, are dedicated to the ministry of teaching students to live as Jesus has taught us. When entering our school, one must pass under a banner that proclaims, "Jesus is the reason for our school." As part of this commitment we  are striving to enable students to learn, love, and grow as so beautifully demonstrated to us by the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ.


Part of our commitment is to learning. From the very first day that your child enters Preschool to Eighth grade graduation, your child will be called by name. We are a small enough community of learners that each child is recognized by all staff members soon after they arrive. The abilities and talents of individual children are nurtured through an academic program that provides for various learning styles. Each child is celebrated and each has something unique to share. We encourage life-long learning by providing a contemporary academic program that is infused with Gospel values. We are fully accredited by the state of Illinois and the Diocese of Joliet.

A second facet of our commitment is that of growing. We provide not only for academic growth, but also for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. We provide physical outlets for our children with sports programs and a regularly scheduled gym class several times a week. Recognizing parents as the primary teachers of their children, our staff strives to promote the values that are already taught in our families' homes encouraging personal responsibility resulting in emotional growth. Spiritual growth is enhanced by daily formal religion classes (including Sacrament preparation), weekly Masses that the children help to plan, as well as seasonal prayer services and activities. Catholic values are part of every day and a natural part of every subject area.

Finally, at St. Jude's School we help your children learn to love one another. Service projects are a regular part of our curriculum. We frequently sponsor activities that will show your child the importance of giving to others. True satisfaction and peace come from serving. We model Christian behavior and our students continue to grow in the good practices already begun in your home.

At St. Jude School you will find that students truly believe that someone "cares" about them. We are small enough to provide individual attention, yet large enough to provide state-of-the art resources. We strive to nurture your child's need to learn, grow, and love. Stop in anytime and experience our school for yourself!