The purpose of the School Board is to work in an advisory capacity with the Principal and Pastor to develop and strengthen the school as a Catholic education community. Local school policy is developed in line with the principles and regulations published by the Diocese of Joliet's Catholic Schools Office in their official Handbook of Policies and other official publications. The School Board consists of nine members (exclusive of the Pastor and Principal). Three Board members shall be elected/appointed each year to a three year term. Two members are elected by an at-large election, and one member is appointed by the Pastor.

All School Board meetings are to be open to parents, guardians and members of the community unless designated by the President, Principal or Pastor as closed or executive session.

If an individual wishes to address the Board and be added to the agenda, a request must be made to the School Board President or Principal at least five (5) days prior to the meeting.  If time in the agenda is available, the item will be added; if no time is available in the upcoming agenda, the individual shall be added to the following meeting.  Presentations are limited to ten (10) minutes, unless otherwise approved by the President.

When time allows in the agenda, non-Board attendees may have an opportunity to share brief comments in an open forum at the conclusion of regular Board business.  The officer presiding over the meeting shall determine if time allows for public comment.


Matt Carey, Kelly Carroll, Adrienne Cosgrove, Erica Fitterer, Al Gibson, Kim Hartman and Nancy Weigel

Pastor: Fr. Robert Basler

Principal: Kathy Winters