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Manna is a network of grocery and retail stores that offer gift certificates to St. Jude which can be redeemed in their stores for face value on purchases. These stores offer gift certificates in various denominations from $5.00 to $250.00. You pay $10.00 for a $10.00 gift certificate. St. Jude School receives a percentage of the certificate amount as a fundraiser. School families receive a percentage as tuition credit.

 You may order through St. Jude School, or for quicker delivery of your cards, you may set up your own family account through (Great Lakes Scrip Center) where you order gift cards directly through that company by an ACH debit of your bank account.  You would still receive St. Jude School (or Providence High School) fundraising credit on anything you order through your family account, but the cards (or gift card reloads) would be sent directly to you by shopwithscrip. Click here for more information.  Alternatively, if you would like to place an order through us, fill out the manna order form (below) and return it to the school or parish office by Friday with your check made payable to St. Jude School and your order will be ready to be picked up approximately 1 to 1 1/2 week later in the school or parish office.  Orders may also be sent home to parents in their child's weekly family folder.  (Some school holidays or days off may affect the delivery schedule of some manna orders.)  Sorry, but we are no longer able to fill school walk-in orders at any time. 



For questions:  Please contact Sue O'Donnell in the  School office at 815-485-2549