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Fundraising is necessary to make up the cost of education not covered by tuition. It is an important factor in the support of our school. According to the Fair Share Program, each family will be assessed a fundraising amount based on the number of children enrolled in school. They will also be required to earn a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer service. There is usually ONE required fundraising activity in which all school families are required to participate. The monetary goal, projected in the budget is based on 100% participation. Less than that requires the difference to be borne by the families participating.

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 The obligation per family is published in the fall when the enrollment has been finalized. The targeted amount to be raised is set after the budget committee has considered the tuition rate, fee schedule, and amount of subsidy (not more than 25%) to expect from the parish. Families are encouraged to surpass their obligation. Any extra funds will be used to diminish our dependence on the parish subsidy.

 There are several fundraisers that are offered throughout the year to help families meet their fundraising obligation set through the Fair Share Program. These fundraisers are optional.