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St. Jude School follows the guildelines for Social Science set down by the state of Illinois and the Diocese of Joliet. 

Students are taught geography skills which then lead to the study of how man moved across the Earth and why he settled in certain areas.  In the primary grades students study directions, landforms, and how the Earth's relationship with the Sun relates to the seasons as well as the time of day. 

An in depth study of the United States is experienced in third and fourth grade.  Students in fifth grade study World Geography./files/School/Gallery/promo pics 003.jpg

Students in sixth grade study World History beginning with the Ancient Civilizations and coming forward.   Seventh and eighth grade students concentrate on United States History with more depth into the people and reasons for events as well as keeping current on the world today. 

They also study the Illinois and United States Constitutions.

For additional information on the goals, objectives and guidelines for the Social Sciene at St. Jude School, visit the Diocese of Joliet website:

For 5th-7th Gr. social studies, click here

For 8th Gr. social studies, click here