The Finance Council


The Finance Council supports the Parish in several ways. They provide budget guidance to the various Parish Departments for the development of their individual operating budgets. The Council then has the responsibility of integrating these into a unified Parish budget.


On a monthly basis, the Finance Council monitors the operating performance of the departments individually, as well as the Parish as a whole. The Council also investigates cost saving ideas and other financial issues and reports directly to the Parish Council. The Finance Council also provides parishioners with annual "State of the Parish" updates regarding the financial condition of our Parish.

Finance Council Members 

Stan Carp 

Lloyd Bowden, Gregg Ferlin,  Barb Hickey, Mike Juozaitis, Guy Sell, John Seper, Sue Yaeger, 
Fr. Robert Basler


Stewardship Report 
Financial Report for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2016