Message from Fr. Robert

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
I wanted to touch base with you briefly and reflect a little about our times, our parish and this weekends All Saints Day gospel. As you know, St. Jude is open for business as much as possible given the COVID-19 situation. We have masses at 5pm, 7am, 9am and 11am. All ministries are active, although mostly electronically. That being said, things still don’t feel like before for many of us who are not yet comfortable with physically coming to church. We understand. Our hearts are heavy as we miss seeing so many of our parishioners. However, we are grateful to be able to live stream our Masses at 5pm and 9am so that you can still feel part of the St. Jude family. Praise be to God, our school is doing great as well as our Family Faith Formation program. In addition, we have an exciting new “Mentoring our Youth” program that sprung right out of COVID itself.
In this Sunday’s gospel, Jesus talks about the beatitudes, which are a series of counter-intuitive blessings that reveal that God is always with us. It seems to me, that this a great gospel for us to hang-on to as our worlds continue to be rocked by so many things. Many of us are dealing with heightened levels of stress in terms of employment, pandemic fatigue, news fatigue, depression and fears about the political and social situation. However, we must be diligent. Now more than ever, we have to be rooted in Jesus Christ, allow him to be in charge and love one another as he has loved us.
May God continue to bless you and your family as we move forward as a parish. Hopefully, we will find the beatitudes, blessings and the community support we need in the midst of these uncertain and trying times.