Luke Challenge 2019

Sign up by June 10th for the start of the Luke Challenge!

(You are welcome to join anytime even if you missed the start)

What is the Luke Challenge?
We challenge all parishioners to read through the Gospel of Luke this summer!  We make it easy!  You choose either the 2 minute or 10 minute a day reading plan and flocknote will either text or email you a link to the day’s Scripture passage and give you a question to think about, pray about, and discuss.
How do I sign up?
For the 2 minute a day reading plan, text Luke2 to 84576
For the 10 minute a day reading plan, text Luke10 to 84576
Who can do this?
EVERYONE is invited to do this!  Please SHARE the sign up with your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors!  Let’s get everyone reading Scripture a few minutes a day and talking about Jesus :
When does it start?
The first Scripture passage will be texted/emailed on June 10.  It’s perfectly ok to sign up after that date—just start where you are!
What are the All Ages Get Togethers?
Three times this summer, everyone is invited to gather for fellowship, discussion, snacks & prayer.  After starting together in the church, we will separate into smaller groups (adults, young adults, teens, older elementary, younger elementary, and nanny pre-school kids).  After coming together for a large group re-cap and closing prayer, we’ll snack and socialize.  Everyone’s welcome to participate regardless of signing up or completing the reading plan.
What are the Bible Project Videos?
The Bible Project is an amazing organization that puts together brief, inspiring, and very informative videos to explain the context and content of the many books of the Bible.   Click on the videos below for a compelling insight on who Luke is, what his message was about, and how it ties in to the entire Bible!  [You don’t need to watch them all now because when you sign up for a reading plan, you’ll be sent a link to each video as we get to those chapters!]
Visit the Bible Project website to see the great work they do!  You can also find lots of their videos on YouTube.