The Giving Tree 



The G/files/Christian Service/Tree.jpgivingTree is an annual Christmas project that engages the time, talent and treasure of the entire Parish. Through the generosity of our Parishioners, we collect and distribute a wide variety of gifts, food, utility payments, gasoline and gift  cards, etc., to mostly Lincoln-Way area residents.  It is our hope to lighten the burdens and brighten the  Christmas Season for our neighbors.  Jesus taught us to love one another and it is our intention to not only share this love throughout the year, but especially during this Blessed Season..

How it is done:

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Christmas trees are set up in the Narthex.  The trees are decorated with the envelopes containing requests from  families in need. Parishioners are invited to look at the requests and  choose envelope(s) that they are able to fulfill.. The gifts are collected in the St Jude Gym on the Sunday through Wednesday 2 weekends after Thanksgiving. Many volunteers work shifts to organize, wrap, and deliver the presents.  Sign up sheets are available in the Narthex the weekend before Thanksgiving.  


Nobody has been able to say for sure when the Giving Tree began at St. Jude.  Organizers say that they have been involved for 20 to 25 years, maybe more.  As we gather historical data we will make it available. 

Giving Tree  2013 

Once again our parish responded with extreme generosity to fill requests from:  102 families, 35 special children, 56 retired nuns, 16 shut-ins, 66 residents at Encore, 52 residents at Sunnyhill and over 40 families at the Daybreak shelter.


Giving Tree  2012 

Through the overwhelming generosity of our parishioners and the community, we were able to fulfill requests from:  95 families,  61 Nursing Home Residents, 59 retired nuns,  78 shut-ins, and many Daybreak Shelter gifts. January's distribution of food, gas cards, and utility checks exceeded all expectations.  This year, we had our biggest expression of need, and the best ever response from our loving parishioners and the many volunteers who helped make this possible.


Giving Tree  2011

/files/Christian Service/Giving Tree collage '11.jpg

This year we were able to help 90 families and an additional 350 individuals in nursing homes, Daybreak Shelter, special needs children and adults, shut-ins, Paradise Park, retired sisters, and Su Casa residents.
We had an overwhelming response from our parishioners in 2011 with gift donations and over 200 volunteers to help sort, wrap and deliver.


Giving Tree 2010 

 The Giving Tree processed the requests of 85 families and another 380 individuals this year. Using part of the school gym for the first time, we were able to have more volunteers at one time without people bumping into each other.  We were blessed with around 120 volunteers.

 This is more than we have ever had in the past.              

God bless your generous giving and volunteering!   


Giving Tree 2009 

Again this year, thanks to the generosity of our loving parishioners, we were able to distribute gifts to 96 families, 59 Nuns, 60 people at Daybreak and Shepherds House, 53 through Easter Seals and an amazing 182 Shut Ins/Nursing homes residents. In addition, we had enough money to help with checks for utilities, grocery cards, gift cards, etc.  We even sent some people gift cards for 'dining out'. We are truly blessed to be a part of this generous and wonderful parish family