Ongoing Parish Fundraisers 


"500" Club

This organization was started in 1975 by parishioners as a way to generate extra revenue for the parish. There are 500 numbers  sold, thus, the name "500 Club". Each week 4 numbers are pulled that pay out $50, $25, $15 and $10. All numbers are returned to the drum to be played again the following week. Any number can win as many times as it is pulled. 

We do this for 50 weeks for a cost of $50 or $25 for 6 months for 25 drawings (which will be prorated if you did not join at the beginning). Then twice a year, once in January and again at the end of June, Fr. Don pulls 2 lucky numbers that are worth $500 each!  
Each "500" Club member is also entitled to go to the yearly dinner/ dance. 

For more information, contact:  Trish L., or Jill B. at:   815/485-8049.