Jerusalem Farm, 
Kansas City


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Date: Sunday, June 11-Saturday, June 17, 2017


  • 520 Garfield Ave, Kansas City, MO 64124 (816) 421-1855 (approximately 7 hours from New Lenox)

This trip is open to 5-6 high school teens (age 16 or older) and 2 adult chaperones. (Anyone 18 or older must go through Protecting God’s Children to participate.)

Cost: $380 covers all meals, transportation, and lodging for teen and adult participants EXCEPT what you would like to purchase from the up-cycled gift shop (tee shirts $10-$20)

Description of the service: At Jerusalem Farm, you will live out the 4 cornerstones: Community, Simplicity, Prayer & Service in every way. We will pray together, eat together, and work together (at the farm and in the community).

Transportation: We will take one personal van; the 2 adult chaperones will share the driving (must be 25, licensed, and insured to drive).

What to bring: Participants are asked to pack light: comfortable clothes, warm pajamas, toiletries, towel, sleeping bag and pillow, walking shoes, work boots, Bible, water bottle, small tools, etc. (A complete list will be distributed.)

Essential Meeting: All adult and teen participants are asked to attend on Wednesday, May 17th 7:00-8:30 pm in rooms 3 & 4. (Parents are welcome as well.)

Fundraising Expectation & Opportunities: All adult and teen participants are asked to:

  • Encourage your family and friends to support the Lenten Project: Works of Mercy.

  • ★Help sell tickets and serve at a Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday, February 4th at St. Jude.

  • ★Bake and help sell items at a Bake Sale at one or more Friday night St. Jude Fish Fries (during Lent).

  • ★Dates and details for a car wash fundraiser have yet to be determined.

  • ★  Send a letter for prayer support to your friends and family. Sample letters will be provided and asking for financial support in the letter is totally optional. (As missionaries, we set out to do God’s work by serving the physical needs of the community with the strength of the Holy Spirit. Asking for prayer support will deepen the impact of our efforts in immeasurable ways.)

    Questions? Contact Matthew Krumdrick 630-730-1368 or Jordan from the farm (816) 421-1855 

    How to sign up:

    1. Pre-register by filling out the form below.

    2. Print out, fill out, and turn in the permission forms 

    3. Turn in forms and the $100 deposit to the Parish Office by January 24th.  

    Total cost is $380. Deposit $100 (due January 24th); Potential parish support $60; Goal for Personal Support Letters & Fundraising $135; Remaining balance $85 (due May 1st)


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