Every Sunday at 6:30 pm.

Our faith is all about developing & deepening
a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in community!

  • We want to encourage an environment at Mass where all people welcome each other, are open to the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and participate in the Eucharistic celebration with enthusiasm and reverence.
  • We want all attendees to feel engaged, inspired and compelled to take what they have been given at Mass and use it & share it in their lives.
  • We want Mass to be such an important part of individual's and families' lives that they prioritize attending & participating, and invite others to attend with them.
  • Look forward to L.I.F.E. Nights before and/or after Mass that will give families, teens, and adults meaningful opportunities to grow in faith, deepen and develop friendships, and have a great time. [Drop in when you are available and stay as long as you’d like.]


Please spread the word to people you know and invite teens, families & adults to fully celebrate with us at 6:30 pm on Sunday evenings!

We encourage you---teens, families & adults---to join in to help once a month (or more) as a greeter, reader, in the choir (adults too), or as a Eucharistic minister. 

How You Could Contribute at the 6:30 pm Mass?

  • Teen Choir (singers and musicians of all ages)For the following, we ask people to be available about once a month, according to your schedule.
  • Greeter (welcome people as they arrive)
  • Reader (enthusiastically proclaim the Word of God)
  • Welcome Announcement Reader (genuinely welcome people with a pre-written announcement before Mass begins)
  • Eucharistic Minister (reverently distribute Holy Communion)
  • Helper for After-Mass Fellowship (set up, serving, and/or clean up)

If you have questions or ideas, please contact:

Matthew Krumdrick

Jenny Krumdrick

Tom Labanauskas

If you are interested in signing up to greet (individuals or families), read the welcoming announcement, or help after Mass with the fellowship gathering, please click here for the online sign up. 



“If you would like to serve at Life Mass (or get more information), please fill out and submit the form below: 

Last Name:*
First Name:*
Age: *
What ministry are you interested in? *
We ask people to be available about once a month, according to your schedule.
Any questions? Contact Matthew at matthewk@stjudes.org or Jenny at jenkrumdrick@yahoo.com




Why are we changing the Life Mass? 

We hope that more teens and families will find a 6:30 pm Mass time to be more convenient, and thus attend Life Mass more often.
We hope junior high youth ministry participants and their friends and families will more often stay for Mass after their JHYM session.
Having an earlier Mass time creates more space for high school teens to gather after Mass.

We also aim to create a more welcoming, engaging, and inspiring environment and experience for all people so that more people will be drawn to celebrate the Eucharist. 


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What is needed from people at St. Jude?


We ask the congregation to join us with efforts that will create a very welcoming environment, especially for individuals and families that may not be regular attendees or parishioners yet. Each person In our community can extend the love of Jesus to everyone who comes through the doors.
We encourage teens, families, and adults to sign up to be greeters to open doors, say hello and offer a song book and worship aid to everyone at each door.
We invite ALL of the people in the pews to intentionally smile at and even say hello to the people who sit near you in a casual and genuine way--as you are comfortable doing so.
We also encourage the congregation to participate fully with enthusiasm. Song lyrics and prayer responses will be projected on the wall so everyone will have an easier time understanding what is going on and what to say/sing. 

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What does it mean that Life Mass will be
“welcoming, engaging, and inspiring?”


We want everyone who walks in the door to feel welcomed and at home.

We want to help teens, families, and adults ENGAGE in really celebrating --and worshiping through music, God's word, prayers, and the Eucharist.

We encourage everyone to open your heart to Jesus--He is present to us in the people, the Word, and the Eucharist.

The priests and readers will emphasize how we are called to be Jesus’ disciples, what that means for our life, and how we can GO OUT TO LOVE AND SERVE once we leave Mass.

Our hope is that Life Mass will be a compelling and empowering SPRINGBOARD for people to experience fellowship, to grow in faith, and be sent out to share and live their faith. 

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What are “L.I.F.E. Nights” and who are they for?


L.I.F.E Nights refer to special gathering events (before or after Mass) for Life-long, Intergenerational, Faith-Formation, and Evangelization. Basically, everyone is invited!

Teens, families, AND adults will be able to build community, grow in understanding of our faith, and develop & deepen their friendship with Jesus.


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