In our Families Living Faith program, children in grades 1-6 and their families come together for an hour and a half session, once per month.  Curriculum is then continued at home with the parents teaching the next lessons. 

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Session Times:

Families Living Faith will be offered at the following times throughout the month. Families sign up for a session time and attend that session time throughout the year. Registrations will be accepted in the order they are received - beginning APRIL 10, 2016. 

Day/Session                          Time of Day                      Registration Code

FLF Sunday A 10:15am         10:15-11:45am                 FLF Sun A

FLF Sunday B 10:15am         10:15-11:45am                 FLF Sun B

FLF Tuesday A 5:30pm            5:30- 7:00pm                 FLF Tues A

FLF Tuesday B 6:00pm            6:00- 7:30pm                 FLF Tues B            

FLF Wednesday A 5:30pm       5:30- 7:00pm                 FLF Wed A

FLF Wednesday B 6:00pm       6:00- 7:30pm                 FLF Wed B