Our Diocesan guidelines and the USCCB's national plan  gives us clear vision for sacramental preparation for the members of our parish. The national plan is a clear call to help all ages of adults on their life-long journey of understanding their Catholic faith, proclaiming their faith, and living their faith. 
 "Sacraments are part of the liturgy of the church and, therefore, are part of her public work. Sacramental preparation seeks to integrate the person more intimately into the life of the Church, which is the life of Christ in the world today and is a true process of formation and school of faith," (GDC 91).
"This preparation is inspired by the manner in which Jesus Christ formed his disciples. He made known to them the mysteries of the Kingdom of God (Mt 13:11). He taught his disciples to pray (Lk 11:2). He impressed on them to live a moral life and he prepared them for mission (Lk 10:1)" (GDC 84). 
 The work of sacramental preparation is the responsibility of the whole parish faith community. It is not just reserved to the priest, principal or catechetical leader. St. Jude Catholic Community embraces this vision in its emphasis on lifelong whole parish faith formation.