Explore 4 Reflection - Grades 1-8

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With Explore Four”, we ask families to attend at least 4 St. Jude sponsored events during the course of a year or participate in at least 4 faith activities at home. Each family is expected to participate in a minimum of four different events or activities and complete an Explore Four Reflection form for each event.


  • If you have children in both Families Living Faith (1-6) and Junior High Youth Ministry (7-8) your family is only expected to complete four Explore 4 Reflections per year, per family. Please include all the children’s names on the Explore 4 Reflection.
  • Explore Four events focus on PARISH opportunities for being formed in the faith. If the event happens at St. Jude or is sponsored by St. Jude, it counts as an Explore 4 opportunity.
  • Due to current pandemic protocols some in-person parish events may not take place this year. Modified versions of these events and new events will hopefully be added throughout the year as the Faith Formation Team assesses options and possibilities for safe in-person Explore 4 events.
  • We are able to host virtual events. Participation in a St. Jude or Diocese of Joliet sponsored virtual event can count toward your Explore 4 expectation.
  • If any one member of your family attends an event, it can count as an Explore 4 for your entire family.
  • Up to two Families Living the Gospel reflection forms can be counted towards the Explore 4 expectation.
  • If an event is not a St. Jude parish or Joliet Diocese sponsored event, please do not list it as an Explore 4 event. Most local community events, though positive in nature and intent, do not count as Explore Four events. If you have questions about whether an event can be included or not, please call our office at 815-463-4260/463-4262.
  • During the time that we are only able to meet in person in a limited capacity, families can still complete their Explore 4 expectations at home, as well as complete Families Living the Gospel Reflections for acts of service performed (Grades 1-6). 
  • Doing faith-based activities at home (outside of a virtual Mass or completing Faith Formation assignments) can count toward your Explore 4 expectations. Click here for a list of suggested activities.This is not an all-encompassing list. If your family is doing something not on our list that is helping you to continue to grow in faith at home, reflect on this activity and write about your experience. 

Reminder for Grades 7-8

Suggested acts of service can also fulfill Stewardship activities- please contact Matthew Krumdrick or Jennifer Lebhardt regarding Stewardship Log questions.

Reminder for Grades 1-6

We are called to serve one another at all times and it is important to do so now. Families can complete acts of service and mercy, and then reflect on the experience in a Families Living the Gospel (FLG) reflection. Up to two Families Living the Gospel reflections can count toward a family’s Explore 4 expectation. Think about an action that is outside of your normal routine or responsibilities (doing your regular chores would not count but taking on a new responsibility would).

Click Here to View a List of Suggested Activities